Glass Device Process Equipment (Rigid)

Glass Attachment Equipment (Roller Lamination)


With our Glass Bend Lamination System, materials such as LCD and OLED held by air suction on the stage is tilted against the surface of the hard target object, such as CG, and securely bonds to the target by the roller pressure applied from a side where the tilted sheet first touches the target object. This lamination process squeezes out air bubbles which dramatically contributes to increasing yield rate. This is suitable for lamination of rigid materials, and uses OCA.

GO series GOS

GO series GOS

Applicable material sizes:
4 to 15.6 inch
7 to 27 inch
10 to 32 inch
60 to 90 inch


Glass Attachment Equipment(Slit coat , UV pre-cure , Roller lamination)


This slit coats OCR in high accuracy, pre-cure it with UV irradiation, and laminates with roller by slightly bending a CG; all in one device.  Suitable for processes that require highly precision OCR coating where excesses at edges need to be minimized.  This is suitable for lamination of rigid materials.

GU series GUHS

GU series GUHS

Applicable material sizes:
4 to 15 inch