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Total Production Process Integration of Flexible Devices

1.Flexible display (for processing a device on glass carrier) , 2.Flexible sensor (for processing device on roll film)

1.Flexible display

In process of flexible film device (flexible hybrid electronics),  there is a method of using a rigid glass carrier to eliminate distortion generated in the process, which is likely to happen as the device is flexible, to precisely process patterns on the flexible device.

After the patterns are processed on the flexible device it is required to delaminated it from the glass carrier which is no longer necessary, however there is a issue that a processed film devices is damaged while being delaminated if the film device itself is bent to be peeled off.

Therefore, our delamination process keeps the film device straight to avoid possible damages, and delamination is done by peeling off the glass carrier.

Conditions may applied  to the delamination process.

2.Flexible sensor

Flexible devices which are thin, light, bendable, and crack proof can contribute to design betterment of products, but it requires the device to be processed by laminating multiple layers of sheet films, therefore high volume production has been possible only by having multiple number of  process machines and large number of operators.

However, with our fully automated process number of operators can be minimized while high alignment accuracy and cost reduction can be achieved .  First, a film substrate in roll is accurately transported, punched to sheet in precise manner, laminated to base film in roll, and punched to a shape of final product.    

With some shapes, punch to sheet cannot be performed.

3.Total Production Integration of Flexible Devices

By merging technologies such as material handling, optical alignment, peeling, lamination, coating and etc., which we have acquired in the course of development of automated processes for flexible and display devices, we offer automated production systems only possible by Laminatech.

Example of automated cover glass attachment system:
A lamination inline system that handles Loading, Polishing/washing of cover glass, Appearance inspection, OCA lamination (or OCR coating), UV pre-cure(where needed), Bonding, AOI, Autoclave, UV main cure (where needed) ,  and Unloading

Total Production Process Integration of Flexible Devices