Process - Cleaning -


In the production of touch screens (TP, on-cell, OGS) and panels (LCD, organic EL panel; OLED), foreign matter (cullet, organic matter) may re-adhere to the panel surface after the surface polishing process.
With "Cleaning" which is a post-processing of polishing, high level of drying performance to remove dust particles from the surface of the panel is required.



  • Removes dirt with two-fluid high pressure spray.
    By the highly pressures two-fluid, contamination is spayed and washed off from the panel surface.

  • Removes even small particle left on the panel.
    Washes off particles left slightly on the surface of the panel with uniform flow distribution of pure water rinsing.

  • High speed drying by air knife.
    By discharging the air evenly by our original air knife, the surface is quickly dried.

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