Total Production Integration of Flexible Devices.Delamination Delaminates film substrates from glass carrier without damagesRoll to Sheet Lamination Precisely laminates sheet films to film substrate in rollCurved Surface Lamination Curved surface lamination without giving stress to flexible devices
Process Curved surface lamination Wash Polish Delamination Soft material lamination Hard material lamination Punching
Total production integration of flexible device
Company ProfileApplications and fields
Technical trends offlexible device
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Process for flexible devices

  • Film lamination
  • Film removal and application
  • Film punching

Process for glass devices

  • Flat glass lamination
  • Curved glass lamination
  • Glass delamination
  • Glass polishing and washing


  • Exhibition
  • Technical Seminar
Technical SeminarExhibition

Automotive Interiors EXPO 2018 Stuttgart

SCREEN Laminatech participated in Automotive Interiors EXPO 2018 held at Stuttgart Messe, Germany from 5th to 7th June. In our booth and presentation we explained about the latest situation on our ecosystem with which we are trying to generate comprehensive list of process and materials capable of producing curved displays for automotive applications. The response from visitors and audiences were very positive and we could feel the growing demand for curved displays in the automotive industry.

Automotive Interiors EXPO 2018

Technical SeminarExhibition

SID Vehicle Displays & Interfaces 2018 Detroit (25th Annual Symposium)

We will participated in SID Vehicle Displays & Interfaces 2018 Detroit (24th Annual Symposium)
In SID Vehicle Displays & Interfaces 2018 Detroit (25th Annual Symposium), held at Burton Manor Conference Center, Livonia, Michigan, USA, on 25th and 26th September, 2018, we showcase our curved surface lamination process and working curved display samples, and presented in the symposium the latest situation of curved surface process, materials for curved designs, and the ecosystem realizing the curved displays possible.


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